Earring Holder

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      12 products

      The Earring Holder.

      Ear studs, ear hooks, ear pendants, creoles and half-creoles, earcuffs or ear sleepers: earrings are distinguishable in several types differing by their hook, their stem, their clasp, their shape, their hanging system and many other characteristics. Thanks to these different types and styles, the pair of earrings does not have a precise and known shape, but can only be defined by its diversity of models around the globe.

      The ring having sometimes a more symbolic value, the earrings are generally seen as accessories, jewels whose first utility is the embellishment of our own person. Obviously, earrings can have a history, evoke a culture... But the earrings are the only jewels which allow to stick to the shape of your face, to emphasize it. They are the jewels that we see first, while remaining discreet and simple paradoxically, they are true aesthetic accessories that thanks to their size, their accessibility but especially to their rendering, are the most famous jewels.

      Indeed, these jewels adorning the ear pavilion are undoubtedly the most popular type of jewelry in the world, the favorite jewelry of women (let's not forget the men who also wear earrings). Yet, these jewelry pieces that come in pairs, as popular and beloved as they are, are also jewelry pieces that we only pay attention to when they are hanging on our ears. Let's not lie to ourselves, after a long day, as beautiful as we were with our earrings, we put them away in no time in a storage not necessarily the most suitable. No intention to generalize of course, maybe some of you have a storage adapted to its earrings, that it is a small case especially bought to preserve a pair of earrings, a jewelry box having spaces with holes to accomodate these or a small container in your bathroom which seems to make the deal (this one is less convincing).

      We hope that your earrings have storage, even if it is not very suitable; because your earrings are small and light jewelry, which deserve to have a specific place so that they don't get misplaced. A good organization and a good storage of your earrings will allow you to never again look for a pair of earrings (or an earring only) during some mornings when you are a little bit in a hurry. But more than saving time (even if it is already considerable), taking care and storing your pairs of earrings will prolong their sparkle.

      Although they are made of different materials, some pairs of earrings will tend to sparkle more than others, and don't expect to observe this sparkle forever if you don't give these earrings quality storage. In order to be able to observe the same shine on your earrings, it is therefore important to store them well and not leave them lying around in places where they are left to their own devices. How to store your earrings and give them a storage that will maintain them ideally? A jewelry box can obviously do the trick, although it will not expose your jewels, a case is also suitable, but its storage capacity will remain very limited ... And why not opt for an Earring Holder?

      Why buy an Earring Holder ?

      But first of all, what is an Earring Holder? For a physical or aesthetic description, all you need to know is the name of the object itself: an "Earring Holder", something that holds, supports, your earrings. That's still a short and imprecise description, but we could almost stop there. An Earring Holder is a Jewelry Holder that can hold your earrings, pretty simple, right? Here, it is useless to develop more in details the physical description of this support because it does not have a particular one. Indeed, the Earring Holder (from Galeries Antoinette) knows a great variety of variations, it is impossible to draw a typical portrait of what our Earring Holder is. It is a storage holder that will hold your earrings.

      But why buy an Earring Holder in this case? My little glass jar on a shelf in my bathroom can also hold my earrings, the drawer of my dressing table can also hold my pairs of earrings. To welcome is one thing, to preserve and conserve is another. As previously explained, a modern Earring Holder will not only accommodate your earrings, but also keep them organized like no other. All you have to do is choose an Earring Holder with dimensions (length, height and width) adapted to your collection of small pearls, and they will all have a space dedicated to them.

      Spaced out and arranged on such an Earring Holder, your collection of earrings will finally be organized in the best way and it will become impossible to scatter them (even if you are the most "airheaded" of people). But as soon as you acquire an Earring Holder, you will immediately understand its second fundamental function...

      Display your earrings with the Earring Holder.

      As soon as you put them on your Earring Holder, your precious pairs of earrings will be able to spread their radiance in the same way as when they are around your face or on a display stand.In a dark drawer, or tangled up in an unsuitable container, your earrings were stored away as mere useless objects; but highlighted with the pristine white of a beautiful Earring Holder made of metal, your earrings will be able to display all their magnificence and brighten up the environment in which they are found.

      Shining of thousand fires, your small jewels will show all their splendor but will give reciprocally a new value to the support receiving them, your Earring Holder. Without your precious treasures, it is only a storage stand with empty branches, dull and banal. Combine your gems with this accessory to create a unique, lively and sparkling ensemble that will enrich your home with an exceptional radiance.

      Our collection of Earring Holders.

      We have put together the largest collection of Earring Holders so that everyone can find the Earring Holder they like and need. Of all sizes, colors, materials and shapes, our Earring Holders are as diverse as they are varied, sometimes with certain accessories and additional assets, they are distinguished from each other.

      From the modern Earring Holder made of a black wooden base and several metal branches to the vintage Earring Holder made of solid wood, as well as the small and original heart-shaped Earring Holder, ultra-soft and made of Velvet, our Earring Holder showcase has been designed so that any woman, man or child can find the right thing for her, and be able to give the attention that her little pearls deserve.

      Whether you have a single earring or a huge collection of earrings, an Earring Holder from our selection will meet your exact needs and desires. Some of them are like real display cases, some of them can also hold your rings (like Ring Holders), bracelets and necklaces, others are shaped like a tree, and others can be hung on the wall thanks to their frame shape. A copper Earring Holder from our collection even imitates the rotating aspect of a merry-go-round, demonstrating in itself the diversity defining our showcase.