Jewelry Box

      47 products

      47 products

      The Jewelry Box.

      The timeless, the classic, the eternal: the Jewelry Box.

      So much its class, its beauty, its practicality and its diversity amazed the generations, it is a storage that it is useless to present from now on. The maintenance of any jewel rhymes with the Jewelry Box, this famous storage distinguishable by its rectangular or square shape, its rows and its many drawers, sometimes accompanied by a charming mirror, having one or more levels; it is, and has always been, the essential for anyone with a collection of jewelry, whether it is small or excessive.

      Whether it is a small box originally intended for another use, a small glass jar, a large and luxurious leather Jewelry Box, almost all jewelry owners have their "Jewelry Box". Without any storage solution, however unsuitable, you are almost leaving your jewelry to its own devices, which can get damaged, scratched, tangled, tarnished, oxidized, rusted and misplaced.

      Obviously, no matter how it looks, it is practical, it helps us a lot, it saves us a lot of time and it allows us a minimum of organization among our collection (it depends on the box in question). But in reality, real Women's Jewelry Boxes are much more than that, much more than a simple practical container. A Jewelry Box, designed and created to provide the care your jewelry deserves, is not just a simple storage, it is an aesthetic object in its own right, reflecting the unique artistic vision of its creator.

      Why buy a Jewelry Box ?

      Wearing your jewelry is the most beautiful proof of love you can give them, wearing your jewelry is loving them; and to wear them throughout your life and hope to observe the same sparkle on them, maintenance is essential.

      Maintenance is not only a question of cleaning. Of course, cleaning your jewelry is essential, after all, jewelry will inevitably suffer the effects of time because we wear them daily, so it is obvious that they will get damaged; cleaning them regularly (or as soon as we see these first effects) is therefore quite logical. However, before even thinking about cleaning your jewelry, it must be kept away from light and dust.

      As you have understood, the first step in maintenance is to acquire a storage unit that can carefully accommodate the jewelry you wish to keep. For example, an interior made of velvet will guarantee a rare softness to your jewels, and the scratches will become only bad memories. Several rows will allow you to separate your rings or earrings so that they don't get damaged by touching. The necklace or bracelet hooks will allow you to perfect the organization of your collection so that you will never again find a necklace tangled with another.

      Maintenance is all about preservation and organization. And there's no other storage that does it as well as the Jewelry Box. 

      Our collections of Jewelry Boxes.

      In addition to preserving your jewelry collections (and your watches too), the Jewelry Box has always had an aesthetic quality that is no longer to be bragged about. It is an object that brightens up the environment in which it is installed. With a beautiful Jewelry Box, storing your jewelry has never been so pleasant and enjoyable.

      In order to make sure that you will find what you are looking for, we have put together the largest selection of Jewelry Boxes. From one Jewelry Box to another, the materials differ: leather, wood, glass, velvet or a multitude of other materials, it is through this diversity that everyone will be able to find their happiness.

      The variety among the large choice we offer is not only illustrated by the different materials, our collection is also divided into several styles (Girl, Women's and Men's Jewelry Boxes), several types (original, travel, vintage, musical), and in smaller and more compact models (travel jewelry case), which will delight the owners of less important, but equally valuable collection.