Jewelry Display

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      18 products

      The Jewelry Display.

      Your jewelry is never more beautiful than when it's on you. But when they're not around your fingers, wrists, neck or ears, how do you show off their beauty?

      The question doesn't require much thought because all designers and jewelers already have the answer: to express the magnificence of any piece of jewelry, if it doesn't already embellish your person, it must be displayed with a Jewelry Display.

      The Jewelry Display is the bust that supports the magnificent necklace that you are looking at in the window, this small support that holds that expensive ring, it is the instrument that allows you to reveal the splendor of the jewelry. This same ring would not be as radiant if it were simply and vulgarly placed on a table. The display of any piece of jewelry requires a dedicated display stand, without which your piece would not be able to display all its beauty.

      Why buy a jewelry display ?

      To enhance a piece of jewelry and reveal its beauty is the obvious answer, of course. But after all, we are not all jewelers, designers and traders, are we? One might indeed think, reading these first lines, that this is an object particularly reserved for professionals. Well, think again.

      Just like a jewelry holder, a display stand is a support that allows you to store your wonders, the only difference being that it has been specially designed for display and presentation. It can hold one or more pieces of jewelry, depending on its size and capacity, and is therefore also a storage solution. More adapted to the owners of a less important collection (in quantity), the Jewelry Display Racks will allow to store earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. While being exposed, your treasures will be within reach; no more mornings when you are looking for a pair of earrings, when you have the bad surprise to find your necklaces tangled. Laid out, rolled up or attached to a display stand, your jewelry will be preciously kept, and seeing their shine will be enough to make you forget those bad mornings.

      A Jewelry Display is not necessarily reserved for professionals and designers, everyone can have a Jewelry Display at home, it can store a small collection (or large collection, if you acquire several models) and highlight the beauty of it. Designed to be installed behind a window, the display stands out as unique decorative pieces that will embellish both your collections and your home.

      Jewelry Display for Professionals.

      As you will have understood, whether it is behind a beautiful illuminated window, housing incredible collections of jewelry, or on the desk in your room, raising your few earrings, a Jewelry Display is in its place.

      However, it remains the essential object for any professional display. No woman or man would be able to stand in awe of a jewel in a jewelry store if it wasn't supported by a Jewelry Display: to showcase beautiful jewelry to the public, you need displays that are up to the task.

      Sheltered under luxurious capsules, elegantly presented on the black leather of single-capacity displays, arranged on aesthetic colored cubes, held in slots made of velvet, your marvels will be sublimated on our many displays that will ensure the most beautiful presentation possible.

      Our collections of Jewelry Displays.

      In order to accompany the professionals wishing to highlight their numerous creations, Galeries Antoinette offers a very large selection of the best Jewelry Displays. Rings displays in leather, wood and velvet, Bracelets displays, raising your bracelets and rigid bracelets, Necklaces displays in the shape of bust, made of wood or leather, of all sizes and all colors, Earring Displays, which can welcome a pair of earrings or a whole collection, the choice is not lacking and each professional or simple interested person will find his happiness.

      As varied as complete, our collection is divided into several sub-collections, each one intended for the exhibition of a type of jewelry. To display several types of jewelry on the same support, opt for our range of Jewelry Displays that can display all types of jewelry. Cubes, trays, wooden supports with several levels, find the Jewelry Display of your dreams in order to display all the jewelry you want on the same space. In the same way, you can combine several types of displays on the same set to create a unique environment for the display of your treasures.