Jewelry Holder

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      15 products

      The Jewelry Holder.

      Storage can rhyme with display, the Jewelry Holder is the proof. More decorative than a jewelry box and more practical than a jewelry display, the Jewelry Holder is an accessory that is brightening up more and more living rooms and bedrooms around the world. In many different forms and made of any imaginable material, it is a fresh and modern touch in the world of jewelry storage.

      So many qualities, it is impossible to know in which order to list them. Even if we try to play the game, the multitude of models to discover would always push us to find new assets to the Jewelry Holder. In the shape of a decorative tree, with many branches to optimally organize its collection, which can be illuminated and thus become a full-fledged light fixture, with a bust-like presentation, with an additional space to also accommodate your cosmetics, new qualities are to be discovered, again and again, among the thousands of existing Jewelry Holders.

      No matter what size it is, what shape it has or what materials it is made of, the Jewelry Holder does not lose its primary quality, it is a support that will allow your wonders to have a storage space that is specially dedicated to them; thus, finding your damaged, dusty, rusty jewelry or even simply not finding them will be a bad memory far away when a Jewelry Holder will be at your finger tips.

      Why buy a Jewelry Holder?

      Held between the soft velvet slits of a jewelry box or case, your jewelry and watches could not be better preserved. Obviously, jewelry storage of this type, with the ability to close, offers unparalleled protection to your wonders and remains the most consistent choice if you dread the many effects of time your jewelry may face. So, why buy a Jewelry Holder that will reveal your treasures, without any particular enclosure?

      If you are looking to preserve your jewelry in the best way, the ideal solution will remain the jewelry box, the timeless one. But after all, the Jewelry Holder has never made this quality its fundamental promise. The Jewelry Holder, on the other hand, allows for the same organization as jewelry boxes. Available in a variety of different designs, the majority of our Jewelry Holders are specially designed racks that are ideal for organizing one's collection (while combining this with a unique aesthetic).

      Keeping one's collection handy, arranged and classified, is often one of the reasons why many women (and men as well) acquire this famous storage tool, as practical as an organizer. Finding your necklace on your dressing table, your favorite pair of earrings in the bathroom and wasting precious minutes looking for a specific bracelet is a distant memory for the owners of a Jewelry Holder.

      More than a solution to clutter, the Jewelry Holder has an undeniable aesthetic dimension. Obviously, it is the need for organization and arrangement that pushes most women to get a Jewelry Holder; but as soon as we look at a selection of Jewelry Holders such as ours, the beauty and style of this accessory becomes a fundamental argument. Some people, before even thinking about the practical aspect of the Jewelry Holder, choose a Jewelry Holder only according to aesthetic criteria, already imagining in which room, on which piece of furniture, and in which way they are going to arrange this support in their environment; and they are not wrong, far from it. This vision is quite logical, because some of the Jewelry Holders in our collection are much more than simple storage supports, they are real aesthetic objects. Imagining these design objects matching the interior of our house is very tempting, but the most surprising surprise will be revealed in the association of the Jewelry Holder with our precious treasures. As soon as your jewelry is displayed on your new Jewelry Holder, it will decorate it with a new light, raising it to new heights of elegance.

      As you will have understood, it is in the association, the harmonization, the orchestration of your jewels and your Jewelry Holder that their common aspect will be perfected. Your marvels will then be able to enjoy an exposure that only the displays could offer them. Displayed, your gems will reveal all their beauty and will remind you daily why they are the ones that constitute your collection.

      Collection of Jewelry Holders.

      Earring Holders.

      Because our precious pearls can express the same brilliance and beauty as our rings, necklaces and bracelets, we offer the widest selection of Earring Holders that will elevate them to new heights. While providing superior storage, our Earring Holders will show off the purity of your earrings. Available in a wide variety of designs, from the simple heart-shaped Earring Holder to the prestigious vintage-style solid wood Earring Holder, you'll find the perfect Earring Holder to suit your needs.

      Ring Holders.

      The most symbolic and famous jewel, the ring is also one of the smallest and lightest jewels, which can be lost and damaged quickly. They are jewels often charged with a particular value, synonymous of a certain event or a person whom one loves, they deserve to have a storage which is dedicated to them, a storage which will also make it possible to put their glittering in value. This storage, useless to look for it for a long time, it is a Ring Holder. Some models are similar to simple DIY Ring Holders and others to real displays with large capacity, our showcase of Ring Holders will meet the desires and needs of everyone.

      Necklace Holders.

      Poorly organized, our necklaces are surely the jewels that can make us live the worst nightmares. Finding two necklaces (or even more, but we don't want you to) intertwined is a bad surprise that many of us have already experienced. It is so that this memory remains a memory that we propose the most complete and varied showcase of Necklace Holders. Thus, necklaces, chokers, long necklaces or princess necklaces, they will all be in their place on a necklace holder of our collection.

      Bracelet Holders.

      In the same way as our other jewelry, our bracelets also deserve all our attention. Whether they take the form of pearl bracelets, rigid bracelets, or even bracelets, they will all have a specific space in one of our beautiful Bracelet Holders.

      Jewelry Trees.

      The ultimate model of the modern Jewelry Holder, therefore aesthetic and trendy, the Jewelry Tree is more than a storage, it is a decorative object that can be found in more and more homes and its popularity is far from being undeserved. Having a pretty tree shape, the arrangement of its branches will allow to store all types of jewels, offering a unique rendering when it will conjugate its beauty with the shine of your jewels. Find our different models of Jewelry Trees, available in wood, metal and in more original shapes and materials, from the sober Black or White Jewelry Tree to the magnificent Jewelry Tree illuminated with a surprisingly high LED light.