Necklace Holder


      The Necklace Holder.

      Present in our society for thousands of years, the necklace is a jewel apart, a timeless treasure that has sublimated women at all times and in all different historical cultures. Let's not stereotype the jewel itself, it has long been and still is very popular with men, often in its famous chain form.

      More than any other piece of jewelry, it is distinguished by its great stylistic diversity. Although necklaces can be divided into six main categories (choker necklace, uniform necklace, princess necklace, matinee necklace, opera necklace, long necklace) according to their size, it is impossible to list all the different styles of necklaces making up these categories.

      Of different mesh (curb chain, coffee bean, rope, jaseron, Venetian, forçat, American, braid, Korean), different materials (gold, silver, gold plated, steel, platinum, brass), with a stone (zirconium oxide, topaz, synthetic stone, amethyst, diamond, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, quartz, crystal, rhinestone, emerald, ruby, sapphire) or not, the necklace does not have a particular shape and appearance, but represents a total set.

      Thanks to all these styles, materials and gems, almost every woman in the world has a necklace in her jewelry collection. Pearl necklaces, gold medals, silver chains, no need to continue this little game of enumeration because it will not end soon.

      The collar is popular thanks to its multiple versions and variations, magnifying women, men and children since the most ancient societies, it is now ubiquitous in our modern society. A question could then arise, do we give it the care and attention it deserves? When it embellishes our own person, our necklace (or necklaces if we assimilate several pieces to create an ornament) attracts the attention it deserves, but what about when it is no longer around our neck? Tangled with its pairs, getting damaged, rusting, tarnishing and oxidizing, it is often stored away like a simple utensil... And when its radiance gradually fades and the first effects of time appear, we regret not having given it the care it deserved.

      How can you give your necklace the care it deserves? The answer is simple: with the Necklace Holder.

      Store and preserve your necklaces with the Necklace Holder.

      The answer may seem short, even too simple; but the Necklace Holder will indeed answer all the problems faced by necklace owners (that is, almost all women). The appearance of the Necklace Holder, as simple and sober as it is, allows it to benefit from multiple underestimated or even unsuspected functions.

      Generally having a medium height (between 15 and 30cm), equipped with two branches of storage allowing the necessary space for your necklaces, the Necklace Holder, thanks to its great capacity of storage, will help you to organize in the best way your necklaces.

      To preserve your necklaces perfectly, the first step is to organize them in this way with the Necklace Holder. Indeed, as attractive as it is, the appearance of the necklace lends it a certain disadvantage: because of its thinness and its length, the necklaces have an unfortunate tendency to intermingle with each other. And if necklace owners share a common (bad) memory, it is those mornings when we discover several of our necklaces tangled up. This simple image will perhaps speak to many of us, because this bad surprise makes us lose a lot of time, and moreover, it directly affects our necklaces. When they get tangled, they get damaged and can potentially get scratched.

      In order to save time, preserve your pendants from scratches and thus prolong their radiance, organizing and spacing your necklaces from each other is essential. And there is no other way to organize your collections like the Necklace Holder.

      Stored on a Necklace Holder, your necklaces, pendants and amulets will also benefit from a unique presentation that only a display stand could have given them, and a protection that no other support could have promised them.

      Our collection of Necklace Holders.

      Previously, we talked about the typical Necklace Holder appearance, with one or two branches to store your necklaces: but in reality, there is no typical Necklace Holder at Galeries Antoinette, but a whole collection of Necklace Holders, each one different from the other, from the white bust to the luxurious solid wood Necklace Holder.

      The Necklace Holder is above all a Jewelry Holder. A Jewelry Stand that has no holes in the storage axles (therefore not specifically designed for storing earrings) is also a Necklace Stand; the majority of the Jewelry Stands in our selection are made up as Necklace Stands, and will enjoy the same qualities and advantages, constituting themselves as real organizers. Some Jewelry Holders such as the Jewelry Trees, will be able to accommodate, in the same space, your rings, bracelets, necklaces as well as your pairs of earrings.

      How to define the Necklace Holder of Galeries Antoinette when it can have the shape of an acrylic bust, while being at the same time a marble and brass display? How to draw a typical portrait of the Necklace Holder, when it can be made of metal and have a mirror to imitate the shape of a modern decoration object, while being at the same time a black wooden turntable with a large capacity? You have understood it well, we cannot define what is our Necklace Holder, knowing many forms and possible declinations, but what we can promise, it is that there is an ideal Necklace Holder among our wide of showcase which will answer exactly your needs and your desires.

      So that your bracelets can enjoy the same preservation, discover our collections of Bracelet Holders, imitating the shape of our elegant displays.