Ring Holder


      The Ring Holder.

      The most popular jewel in the world, distinguishable thanks to its famous ring shape: the ring is a unique jewel. In yellow or white gold, silver or platinum, decorated with a ruby or a sapphire, the ring has many possible variations, from the original fancy ring to the prestigious ring decorated with a diamond.

      Whether you wear one or many, the ring shines more than ever when it is around your finger, and it embellishes your whole person. The special character of the ring, often complemented by the sentimental value it carries, makes it a unique treasure.

      To appreciate throughout its life this jewel which is dear to us, to preserve it is thus essential. Of course, many people leave their ring in its own jewel box. It is a logical choice, however, this small case can accommodate only one ring.

      The Ring Holder, this Jewelry Holder with numerous and varied forms allows it to accommodate one or more rings depending on the model. Never scattered again, your rings will finally have a support which will make it possible to safeguard their glare... And to exhibit this one. Indeed, the Ring Holder is also popular for its capacity to expose the beauty of the treasures which it preserves, like any Jewelry Holder.

      Why to buy a Ring Holder ?

      If one had to answer the question in a word, it would be: practicality. The practical dimension of the Ring Holder is its first argument. The Ring Holder is the only storage intended to accommodate specifically a collection of rings, it is a practical and modern means which allows the best organization of its collection of rings. Contrary to a case which has a storage capacity limited to a jewel, the Ring Holder is declined in a multitude of models being able to accomodate any collection of rings, from the lightest to the most consequent.

      Thus, leaving your rings lying around in drawers that are perhaps too dusty or simply putting them on a shelf will only be a bad habit as soon as you acquire a Ring Holder (and of course, never again have a nightmare about losing a ring or another).

      For the owners of a collection of rings (more or less important), the Ring Holder constitutes the most obvious solution, the object to have. But the Ring Holder is much more than a simple practical storage which will allow you to order your collection, it is also a way of emphasizing the brightness of this same collection.

      Borrowing this quality from the displays, the Ring Holder allows to sublimate the jewels which it receives. While presenting your rings in a unique way, the Ring Holder, embellished by their brightness, will benefit from a new radiation and will become a decorative object, in addition to being a practical arrangement with multiple qualities.

      Exposure, organization, decoration, the Ring Holder answers all the needs, it is the essential of the owners of rings.

      Our collections of Ring Holders.

      From a sober vertical support with multiple rows, through the hand welcoming your rings around its fingers, to finish with the original solid wood diamond displaying a single jewel, our showcase of Ring Holders is composed of all possible variations of this jewelry holder.

      The timeless model in the shape of a hand is the most popular Ring Holder in our collection, distinguished by the pose of the hand and its coating, it is perfectly suited to those who do not have a large collection of rings. Your rings embracing his fingers, it becomes a real decorative asset for your home, in addition to being a safe support for your wonders.

      More discreet but just as trendy, the Ring Holders available in several small pieces, usually made of wood or plastic, allow you to display one ring per piece, thus leaving you the choice to order and present your collection as you wish. As practical as the Necklace Holders, our models have everything you are looking for.

      So that all those who wish to take care of their precious collection of jewels find the Ring Holder adapted to their needs and their desires, we propose the largest choice of Ring Holders. In addition to the above mentioned models, we have other more original and luxurious Ring Holders, such as the prestigious Metal Ring Holder, which holds only one wedding ring, or the Large Ring Holder, which has several rows made of velvet to protect your rings from dust or the effects of time.