Wooden Jewelry Box


      The Wooden Jewelry Box.

      Wedding rings, earrings, pendants, chains, bracelets, our jewelry can know a multitude of possible forms, trying to list them all would be too long. It is precisely because of this incredible diversity that the vast majority of women today own several pieces of jewelry. This is not an exclusively feminine phenomenon, men, for as long as women, have been wearing sumptuous ornaments. As you will have understood, in the four corners of the world, and this for a long time, women and men decorate their outfits with jewelry, which are now an integral part of the history of the culture of Man.

      Jewelry is more than a simple accessory that we assimilate to an outfit, it embellishes our person, sublimates our way of being and can even reveal a more intimate part of ourselves, an aspect of our character, our identity or our history, they are representative of the immaterial, of love or of a culture, of a desire or of a memory, they allow to feel what is not palpable.

      Our jewelry represents so much; wearing or giving a piece of jewelry is an action that perfectly evokes the love we have for them. But in order to wear your jewelry as long as possible, sheltering it from the world and its unfortunate effects of time should not be a choice, but a priority.

      For a long time, caring about the radiance and sparkle of one's gems has been a major concern for their owner. The preservation of jewelry did not begin with Galeries Antoinette, or even 20 years ago or a century ago, but for tens of thousands of years. Indeed, for almost as long as jewelry has existed, a box has accompanied it. This box, it is highly probable that its first versions were made of wood. The Wooden Jewelry Box has survived the ages and has lost none of its splendor.

      Why buy a Wooden Jewelry Box?

      The question here is not to question the utility of acquiring a Jewelry Box, but why opt for the acquisition of a Jewelry Box made of Wood. The utility of acquiring a Jewelry Box? Whether it is in the preceding lines or on the great majority of the pages of our site, the many qualities of a Jewelry Box do not cease being praised.

      The Jewelry Box (whatever form it takes), will first of all allow you to organize your jewelry. Thanks to its uniform compartments (or not) and its various storages, your jewels will all have a space which will be specific to them. The necklaces, all hanging on the necklace holders specially designed for this purpose, will not get tangled up with each other and even less with your rings, which will be delicately maintained in the velvet rows sheltered in a drawer of the Jewelry Box in question. A storage unit of this type generally has holes reserved for your precious earrings... And don't worry, bracelets will never be forgotten in the world of jewelry storage (this will never be the case here), they too will have their own place in the organizer that will guarantee their care and cleanliness. Some models are equipped with a mirror, additional drawers to hold your makeup and other cosmetics, fold-out sides, various storage compartments and compartments specially reserved for watches, and other additions as practical as they are original.

      Why choose wood?

      Now you have understood why to buy a Jewelry Box, but let's go back to the initial question because it was about Jewelry Boxes made of Wood. Why opt for a Wooden Jewelry Box and not a Leather or Glass Jewelry Box? Why this material and not another? After all, it's only a matter of taste and desire, isn't it?

      Well... Yes but no. Yes you can choose a Jewelry Box made of any material, as long as you like it. We encourage you to make this choice as it will best suit your desires and allow you to own a jewelry storage that reflects your taste. But if we were to praise the Wooden Jewelry Box and its qualities, the arguments are indeed not lacking. No, wood is not a material like any other.

      If wood is one of the most used materials in architecture, this is not insignificant. Leather or velvet, as attractive as they are, have never been favored for their practicality. Indeed, wood has many qualities, each one different from the other. First of all, it is solid, very solid; and this quality is not at all secondary because it will guarantee your jewelry a quality protection, even if the Jewelry Box in question experiences shocks (during a trip for example). Secondly, one of the other qualities of wood is its ecological character. This quality is not a preconceived idea, wood is really an ecological energy because its exploitation generates very little waste. Wood has other practical qualities such as the fact that it will perfectly shelter your jewels from humidity, or the fact that it is quite resistant to combustion.

      All of these qualities reinforce the practicality of the Wooden Jewelry Box that is constantly reminded, but the essence of the Wooden Jewelry Box is in its appearance, its unique charm that is categorically different from any other jewelry storage. Wood, as contradictory as it may seem when you know how easy it is to obtain, is a material that evokes luxury, conveying both a noble air and a rustic look. Wood evokes elegance, an elegance that is not similar to that of leather, but an elegance that has a charm that can only be found through its wood grain.

      This unparalleled elegance gives the Wooden Jewelry Box a specifically decorative and design characteristic; this storage support, as soon as it is installed on your dressing table, on your desk, next to your wardrobe (or on any other piece of furniture), instantly becomes a decorative object that stands out. It is this ability to easily decorate an environment that makes the Wooden Jewelry Box a perfect gift idea, possessing a unique decorative aspect and being able to replace a plethora of storage accessories to organize a jewelry collection.

      Our Wooden Jewelry Boxes.

      Whether you have been seduced by wood or are still indifferent to it, our wide range of Wooden Jewelry Boxes should awaken something in you, whether it is simple curiosity or a sudden desire. Complete and diverse, our collection has been thought in a way that, no matter your profile, your sex, your age, your needs or your tastes, you will find a Wooden Jewelry Box that will please you.

      In Beech, Walnut, Oak, Black, White lacquered or even Bamboo Wood, our different Jewelry Boxes are diversified in a wide selection of different Woods of different colors and aspects. The bark of our Wooden Jewelry Boxes differentiates them from each other, but the shape, size and characteristics that they possess distinguish them, individualize them.

      Watch enthusiasts will find a Wooden Jewelry Box with the right compartments for their favorite watches, owners of a small jewelry collection will also find a small jewelry box with a lid that they are looking for, little girls who want to store their collection like their elders will find a Wooden Jewelry Box model that will suit them, the biggest jewelry collectors will be delighted to discover a wooden chest of drawers with a lock that can accommodate their entire collection and the most nostalgic will experience a special feeling by discovering a musical Wooden Jewelry Box in vintage style; man, woman, child, any person will be able to find the Wooden Jewelry Box that they desire, need, like or charm instantly.

      From the ordinary simplicity to the unmatched luxury, our Wooden Jewelry Box knows many possible variations, and it is because the Wooden Jewelry Box is timeless and yet more modern than ever, that it has crossed the times to hope to become yours.