Snap-on Jewelry Box
Snap on jewelry box
Green jewelry box
Pastel green snap on jewelry box
Small snap-on jewelry box
Green jewelry box with a drawer and key lock
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Snap-on Jewelry Box

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The Snap-on Jewelry Box.

  • 24 holes for earrings
  • 16 slots for 16 rings or 32 earrings
  • 5 hooks for necklaces and pendants
  • 22 compartments of different sizes for all types of jewelry and cosmetics
  • 3 removable organizers
  • Key lock
  • Snap-on
  • Outer material: PU Leather (eco-friendly)
  • Interior material: soft Velvet
  • Dimensions: 6.7"L x 5.5"W x 4.7"H

The Snap-on Jewelry Box brings everything a jewelry box is supposed to bring. Charm, practicality and surprise, these words give you a small idea of what this jewelry box represents. Snap-on model, it opens as easily as it closes and protects your jewels from any impurities. Lock it and nothing can happen to your jewelry. Tarnish, rust, oxidation and scratches will no longer be part of your vocabulary with a box from this line.

The ultra-soft velvet interior of the box and its many different storage spaces will be enough to make you understand how wonderfully your treasures will be sheltered. Modern and beautiful in appearance, The Snap-on Jewelry Box will surprise you with its incredible storage capacity. Indeed, the great quality of the box lies in its multiple compartments and spaces provided to preserve your jewels. A compartmentalized drawer, a pocket for smaller jewels, a secret compartmentalized space under the panel with holes for earrings, here is a short list of the storage spaces the box has.


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